Theories On War, God, Evil, Suffering, Coping and Self-Conditioning

Originally Posted Monday, December 13, 2010

These thoughts & theories are based on a few other theorized assumptions:

– There is a “God” of some kind, though I assume nothing aside from this “deity” being anything more than some kind of advanced “being” with an understanding of energy and the construction & manipulation of the universe thousands of years beyond our ability to comprehend.

– Everything is energy; including our “souls”.

– Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form.

– Good and Evil exist, though the common understanding of what these concepts are in reality is limited.

ALL this, including the assumptions, are THEORIES only and not fact, nor am I claiming that this is how it is and every other opinion is wrong. I don’t expect anyone to believe anything written here, and my theories will grow and evolve as I learn and grow as a person.

I also want to point out that I am no expert, so the terms I use, like “natural selection” will likely be incorrect and not properly describing the concept I’m meaning. People with any amount of brains will see what I mean and will hopefully be kind enough to share the proper term.

A lot of this might come off sounding like I think God is some stuck-up, all-powerful deity who doesn’t give a shit about us (kind of like Q off Star Trek); that’s far from what I truly think, though. The thoughts more specifically on Him, however, are for a separate rant. I will gladly entertain thoughtful debate and counter-points, but will not tolerate ignorant or blatant attacks.

As I was on the bus to rehearsals this morning, I had some thoughts. There’s questions about life people keep endeavoring to answer, and none have found a “satisfactory” answer.

Why do we have so much hate and suffering?

Why does God allow such bad things to happen to good people?

Why is there war?

Because Nature and God know we need them.

Evil men are allowed to exist at all because “natural selection” is as important for humans as it is in other species. Our species reproduces with such abandon, however, and are so intellectually advanced & self-aware that Nature throwing natural disasters at us isn’t enough; we adapt and can withstand them faster than Nature can throw them at us. Medical science is finding that psychopaths “don’t care” because they CAN’T. How is such a birth defect that is detrimental yo other members of humanity is even  happening, and why does it seem to happen more and more? Why does it seem to be only humans suffering this particular illness?

Easy. Natural selection.

Like a morbid form of the Darwin Awards that is random and nondiscriminatory. Nature devised a way for humanity to keep our own numbers in check that we can’t just adapt to easily. War is just basically a symptom of this mechanism on a grand scale. I’m not saying we should not go to war, or that we SHOULD go to war; just that the fact war even exists can be understood when looking at the grand picture. Our race as a whole is not yet prepared or equipped, technologically or mentally, to let it go completely. Without it, our populations death rates would be minuscule compared to births, and we’d not only run out of natural resources fast, we’d become overcrowded well beyond what the surface of our planet can support.

And if you throw a limited form of reincarnation into the mix, it becomes more understandable from a religious viewpoint. What if death isn’t always the end of our time on this planet? Perhaps we’re meant to come here as many times as it takes us to learn certain lessons. Perhaps the people that are so evil, like Saddam or Bin-laden, Were here for a purpose we hadn’t even thought of yet. To put the rest of us to the test. Would we join them? How would we choose to react to those that did?

Does this mean we should just give up and stop fighting to defend ourselves against tyranny and terrorism? Hell no! We become stronger and wiser through the struggle, and just because terrorism exists doesn’t mean we should give it a place to live in this world. Does that mean we should relish the battle? Again, hell no! Evil like that is there for a reason. All I’m saying is it’s a struggle that the only “win” we should expect is to be made stronger and wiser through it all; not to expect to eradicate it forever. We can try, and making the attempt adds to bringing out the best in Humanity. That’s the real win.

But why does God allow such terrible things like rape and murder to happen to good people? Because, from a spiritual perspective, we CAN cope with it and it’s necessary. God allows these “bad things” happen to the victims of these tragedies because 1) the victims can become stronger people through it, 2) they are strong enough to cope with it IF THEY CHOOSE TO AND WORK AT IT, and 3) whether the “bad things” even happen is a test of the soul of the perpetrator.

What we know of as “suffering” is purely temporary and subjective. What one person calls suffering, another person  might call “a good cardiovascular workout”. Going and walking on a treadmill for a couple hours might be a great workout for me; my brother calls even that suffering. Perhaps what we see as pointless suffering is not even close to what is possible and God understands “true” suffering.

As for people saying “it’s too much” and that they can’t take it, what if they’re just plain wrong? What if they’ve chosen to psychologically condition themselves into believing they’re weak, even if they don’t realize it? Conditioning can be done for almost any response in most species; even humans. What separates us from them isn’t so much that we can’t be conditioned, but that we can consciously recognize when we’re being conditioned AND CHOOSE OUR CONDITIONING. That’s why “self help” seems to work; it’s chosen self-conditioning.

Look at cults, a majority of born-again Christianity, other large organizations, and even some science; we convince ourselves through structured conditioning what is real and how the universe works. We condition ourselves to believe we are the end-all and be-all of our evolution as a species, even though real science is now finding we have barely scratched the surface of EVERYTHING. Relationships thee days have become disposable, violence is on the rise, people are selfish, mean, rude, arrogant, sanctimonious and hypocritical. Why? Because, more often than not, we’ve chosen to be conditioning ourselves and each other to be these ways.

What we view as good, evil, joy and suffering are only our limited understanding of the depths of these; but if science fiction & fantasy have taught me anything, it’s that the possibilities for both are far deeper and greater than what anyone in this world has to live with, even at their best and worst. Our race is arrogant enough to assume that what we have, not even what we can comprehend, is the limits of those possibilities. They arrogantly assume that those limits are the same for “God”, and are arrogant enough to think they can demand anything from him, even just to prove His existence. Who are you to think you can tell God what to do? “I’m the President of the United fucking States!” And? Your point? You’re a man, nothing more; just like the rest of us. God doesn’t answer to you; it’s the other way around.

“But I’m a Great man! I command thousands! I’ve amassed great wealth!” Again, why should God give a shit? You know who put you in charge? Other men. Whoop-de-frikkin-do. When you’re a being able to manipulate time, space, matter and energy & bend them to your will, what some measly little flesh-bag thousands of years below you on the evolutionary chain is beneath your notice. Do you really think your belief or lack thereof will change His plans? Nope. Sorry, but you as a person are just not that important in the grand scheme of the universe. Try walking into the office of your bosses boss and them to go fetch you a coffee in the same tone you tell God to prove he exists. See if you’re still employed. All those people that think saying “If God exists, then let him strike me with lightning to prove it” are doing the equivalent, and then insisting that the fact he did nothing is proof he doesn’t exist. Frankly, God’s too busy with REAL work to cater to your every stupid, childish whim.

As far as I’m concerned, the most direct influence God Himself has in our lives is to not allow ANY challenges in our lives that are beyond our ability to cope with. “But what about all the pain and suffering? People shouldn’t have to suffer through the things they do! People kill themselves because it’s too hard!” No, they kill themselves because they decide to take the easy way out. Considering that God built our original design, I’m pretty sure He knows what our  limits are. If these things were REALLY beyond our ability to cope with IN SOME WAY, our deaths would not be at our own hands. The only reason things are as tough as they are is not because it’s more than we can cope with; it’s because we’re allowing others to be larger influences in our lives than we should. In short, we make our problems worse than they actually have to be. We’re selfish, arrogant, and trying to justify what we do by saying “God” either doesn’t exist or is not the “deity” they claim he is.

Frankly, I’d like to see proof that God DOESN’T exist. I’ve never ever seen any. Why? Because we don’t even know precisely what He is. We insist that proving he exists is a waste of time but insist on proof he DOES exist from those who believe, saying “it’s not my job to find proof” and taking the easy way out like a five year old child. We also make assumptions about who & what He is and often use those assumptions to justify the very evils we claim to be fighting against; murder, abuse, racism…

Welcome to Natural Selection.


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