Calling the Hopeless Romantics

What happened to the other hopeless romantic guys? Or the hopeless romantic women, for that matter? In the 20th century, they were all over the place; even the hard rockers had their hopeless romantic love ballads. Since 9/11 at the least, I’ve seen a steady decline in not only the number of people that are hopeless romantics, but in the common opinion of them. I’ve been unable to not only be hopelessly romantic with women, I can’t even talk about it.¬†Yes, I know doing most of that takes having a “love interest”, but even dating has become sterile of old-fashioned romanticism, the kind without lust as the primary objective. You can’t even ask a woman out or try to “win” her sttention by being sappy & romantic.

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Arrogant Ignorance Pt.2 – Redux

Apparently there are people who just can’t grasp some simple things, even when you think you’ve spelled it out dumb-ass simple enough for them. So let’s try this again, shall we?

If you’re gonna read this post, read it all, or don’t bother reading any of it. There’s things here about how I, myself, work as a person with Asperger’s Syndrome that, apparently, most people don’t understand and I’d rather not have to tell this stuff over & over; just read it here, and if you still don’t get it or insist on not getting it, I’ll know to not waste my time on you any further. Also, be warned that, as with everything else in this blog, I often write the kinds of dark, twisted, bordering on evil thoughts that everyone has had from time to time in the privacy of their minds but no one admits to openly. If you’re looking for posts that are sugar coated & full of gummie-lollipop cheerfulness, you’ll be disappointed… Continue reading

Arrogant Ignorance Pt. 2

Isn’t it lovely how people can ignore instructions, or take things they know nothing about & take it way out of context then make you the anti-Christ? And isn’t it interesting how they can also, on top of that, hypocritically tell you your evil but when they’ve done identical things, they’re just voicing their thoughts & feelings, but it’s wrong to have strong feelings like that because you’re a guy and the thoughts they’re violent against are about a woman? I bet if I’d blogged about another man, I wouldn’t have anywhere near the same reaction.

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