Arrogant Ignorance Pt. 2

Isn’t it lovely how people can ignore instructions, or take things they know nothing about & take it way out of context then make you the anti-Christ? And isn’t it interesting how they can also, on top of that, hypocritically tell you your evil but when they’ve done identical things, they’re just voicing their thoughts & feelings, but it’s wrong to have strong feelings like that because you’re a guy and the thoughts they’re violent against are about a woman? I bet if I’d blogged about another man, I wouldn’t have anywhere near the same reaction.

Utter hypocritical bullshit.

I’d posted a while back about an obese friend that kept harassing me with bemoaning about not finding a real man, blaming men and other women for her inability to find a decent guy. I posed several blunt, graphic & rude points to emphasize that, perhaps, she needs to look inward for the cause of her problems more than outward. Apparently someone took offence at it, assuming it was about ANOTHER friend she & I have. What I find interesting is I never posted names or situations. She just automatically assumed I meant this other friend; she didn’t even consider that it could be someone else, she just read the post and said to herself, “That sounds like so-and-so”. What I find interesting is what does she REALLY think of that friend we share of she believed so quickly and emphatically that my description was of that friend? Food for thought.

So she decided to basically tell me I’m an evil prick who should rot. Even after my posting warnings all around the site that people would find very rude, graphic & angry posts here & to read at their own risk, and I would not tolerate people holding anything here against me personally.

Iwill NOT tolerate people holding anything here against me for ANY reason; this is my private blog, this is my therapy; cope with it. If you don’t like or disagree with anything here, tough shit. I don’t go judging you on your personal diary; don’t go judging me on mine. I don’t care if it’s online where you can read it; if you can’t cope with what I write then don’t fucking read it. If you read it, assume there’s more going on than you might assume and take everything with a grain of salt. If you can’t, then just close this window/tab right now and get the fuck over it.


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