Arrogant Ignorance Pt.2 – Redux

Apparently there are people who just can’t grasp some simple things, even when you think you’ve spelled it out dumb-ass simple enough for them. So let’s try this again, shall we?

If you’re gonna read this post, read it all, or don’t bother reading any of it. There’s things here about how I, myself, work as a person with Asperger’s Syndrome that, apparently, most people don’t understand and I’d rather not have to tell this stuff over & over; just read it here, and if you still don’t get it or insist on not getting it, I’ll know to not waste my time on you any further. Also, be warned that, as with everything else in this blog, I often write the kinds of dark, twisted, bordering on evil thoughts that everyone has had from time to time in the privacy of their minds but no one admits to openly. If you’re looking for posts that are sugar coated & full of gummie-lollipop cheerfulness, you’ll be disappointed…

Today I found someone had posted a rather… childish & immature comment on my  previous post entitled, “Arrogant Ignorance Pt. 2“. Apparently the person is not intelligent enough to be able to understand “disclaimers”. Poor soul, cursed with below average intelligence as well as no social skills… They apparently know how to troll, yet did not have the mental capacity to recall what their own name & email were, and so posted only as “smackahoe” at ““. 

smackahoe: LIsten dude, a PRIVATE diary is something only you can read. When you choose to make your thoughts public, then you should be very careful WHO you write about, and what you say about them. ESPECIALLY if you see them on a day-to-day basis. Some people tend to get a little upset, in fact if names would have been said I can guarantee a number of people you call “friends” would freak. You can justify the rough shit you say however you want, but once a thought becomes PUBLIC, then you might as well say it to their face. Doing this is actually kinda cowardly, and actually very pathetic haha.”

To this person & anyone else who thinks they can bitch me out for being human: I’ll respond with the same amount of respect you’ve shown me here, just to make sure we’re speaking on the same level (though I might use some big words, so best have a dictionary handy): Coming from someone who can’t share their name, I find your comments, especially the part about seeing these people on a day-to-day basis (considering that most of the people I mention I DON’T see on a day-to-day basis) & that last line about me being “cowardly” for ranting here to de-stress, both hypocritical (considering you are too cowardly or to stupid to post your real name or email) and a waste of my time  beyond feeling sorry for you.

If you know me in person, I suggest you take your own advice and try telling me to my face, considering that you’re making your judgments on snippets of angry rantings I’ve bothered posting rather than on the whole story that inspired my rantings (which I don’t really feel I need to post as it’s none of your business; this blog is about my thoughts & feelings, not about who’s really right & who’s really wrong. Get over it.). If you aren’t, then feel free to start your own blog to vent; it’s very therapeutic.

Oh, and messages over Facebook are not to my face, unless you have no concept of any kind social interaction whatsoever beyond Facebook, in which case you’re not worth my wasting my time in person. As you can’t seem to grasp the concept, likely from a debilitating lack of brain cells, I’ll explain the purpose of this blog again: I don’t post here as a way of telling off particular people who I think NEED to be told off; I post my thoughts & feelings on various subjects here so that

  1. I don’t needlessly go ripping into people in person over things better left alone in real life (as those things will solve themselves) but I’m unable to contain inside completely; in that respect, it’s like writing in a diary or going to a counselor. This is why I don’t include names; if I wanted to bitch at a person directly, I do. I write here to release anger in a more healthy way & leave people to fix things in their own way & their own time. Get over it.
  2. I can have reminders & records of thoughts & feelings I’ve had, good or bad, accurate or unjustified, because life is a learning process & if I do find I’m wrong I have a good way to see where I went wrong & not make that same mistake. My thoughts and opinions change constantly, and just because I vent here does not mean that these thoughts are set in stone or unchanging.
  3. Those open minded and intelligent enough to handle my personal thoughts, negative OR positive, & that are able to find inspiration to actually use their brains & THINK over some of the topics I write on, may do so. It’s for people who have brains and can separate a person’s feelings of the moment from actual day-to-day dealings. If you disagree with a concept or viewpoint I have, AWESOME; feel free to comment a differing opinion in an intelligent fashion. If I say something or do something that pisses you off, then if you want me to do something to fix it, tell me honestly & maturely; if you just wanna blow off steam, feel free to get your own blog & do so, they’re free. Just telling me I’m a prick (especially in comments in my blog or through random & anonymous online messages) is neither disagreeing nor an intelligent fashion of anything, it just shows you have as much brains as a rabid hedgehog after it’s had a labotamy.

I’m of the firm opinion that Asperger’s Syndrome & Autism is, at it’s core, an “Emotional Sensitivity” in the brain( I’ll be blogging about that more, be assured); I’ve been treating it as such over the last few months as a kind of experiment, and it’s helping me immensely. That means that any emotions I feel that are “inspired” by events or circumstances (a.k.a. stimuli) are 2 to 10 times more intense than they should be, and hard for my mind to interpret clearly; this blog is a big part of how I vent those intense emotions more constructively rather than blowing up in people’s faces when I’m over-reacting (yes, I will often over-react in this blog; that’s part of the point of it. Get over it).

Does that mean a particular post is how I feel all the time? Not at all. It’s written in the heat of the moment and is my letting off steam. I’ll also tell you that some thoughts I have are similar to ones many, many people have had about others in their lives from time to time & not said it; just because I actually write it out where others can read it isn’t an invitation to start calling me a prick for voicing thoughts almost all guys & probably a lot of women have had. I’m not gonna pull punches, and I’m not gonna sugar-coat shit just because you don’t like reading the deeper thoughts people have about each other that you don’t wanna read. If you can’t accept that, tough shit; just don’t read it.

I also write here because I hope people who WANT to understand me better can get a glimps into how torrential (and exaggerated) my emotions can be, and in hopes of posing thoughts or opinions that can inspire intelectual debate & promote people actually thinking. A lot of my anger is overblown, I admit that; that’s why I let it out here, because I know my feelings are being blown out of proportion and mis-interpreted. I don’t post adendums or updates because there’s no need to when I’m putting them to work in real life. I don’t post expecting everyone to agree with me, and I expect the few that bother reading this blog to assume my thoughts & feelings are GONG to be exaggerated here. If you can’t comment here without just emotionally bashing me across the head because you don’t like that I got ridiculously mad over something insicnificant, tough shit. Just don’t read it.

Based on your comment, It seems to me as though you are not intelligent enough to do that. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you’re stupid & immature; I bet your parents are saddened that you cannot seem to achieve anything more than blog trolling, because if you were doing anything actually useful with your life, you’d not be trolling on other people’s blogs, especially if you hate reading it so much. Seriously, if you can’t stomach it, then just don’t read it. If I felt that things wouldn’t change for the better on their own, I wouldn’t be ranting about them here, I’d be out trying to change them; I’m ranting here as a form of therapy, and the one with a problem is you. Trolling like this just shows even more your lack of maturity & lack of basic intelligence. Congratulations; you can bitch and troll like a 12-year-old boy that has no morals. Your parents must be proud.

In conclusion, just in case anyone else missed it, I’ll say this simply & clearly for anyone reading this, for the last time: IF YOU DON’T LIKE OR CAN’T HANDLE WHAT I WRITE HERE, TOUGH SHIT; JUST DON’T READ IT, THEN.

EDIT: I’ve since learned who smackahoe really was; they decided to own up to their “disagreeing” with my blog post content policies, and I’m keeping their name out of this. We’ve agreed to disagree, and I’m good with that. Originally I had written (and I’m leaving it here to make a point and have a reminder to myself to not be doing the same thing) “I expect no less than this type of pointless & unwarranted attack from someone who’s got the emotional maturity of an unripened grapefruit & the intelligence of a bowl of soggy Cheerio’s. Bravo to you, smackahoe, for proving a prime example of exactly the kind of arrogant, immature ignorance I was referring to in some of my previous angry posts.” An un-sarcastic bravo, however, for coming to me directly & being willing to talk face to face & for clearing up my mistaken idea on who it was from.

I do owe Mallory an honest apology as when I wrote this post originally, I had mistakenly thought it was her. That has been corrected, and I am honestly sorry for ripping into you in this post, Mallory, without proper confirmation on who had made the comment I was reacting to. It was very wrong of me and I will endeavor to not be so harsh & reactionary in the future.

If anything this whole experience has shown me that no one is perfect, especially not me, & we all fuck up from time to time; but we learn from those fuck-ups, and we can learn to agree to disagree, and we can move past those fuck-ups & all be better for making them. Remember: “it’s only a mistake if you don’t learn from it.” And that’s advice I try to remember, especially when I fuck up myself.


One thought on “Arrogant Ignorance Pt.2 – Redux

  1. hey buddy, why do I need a password to read some of the stuff? and what is the password so I can read what I have missed. talk to you soon

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