Living in a Yellow Submarine

I will never understand why people ever want to use expensive artificial chemicals, that cause more damage than people realize, just to enjoy this life that is already full of wonderful highs & lows that just require we open our eyes to them, especially those people that insist they “need” it to enjoy anything practically every other weekend (or more frequently). I’m including alcohol & any “recreational” drugs that exist.

I mean, seriously, what the fuck is your malfunction? Are you really so dense that you can’t see what’s here without those dangerous & damaging substances that can cause permanent damage to your brain & body, not to mention your long-term social life? Why would you use that shit? Why would you encourage others to use that shit? Ok, I can understand people who know their tolerance levels getting tipsy or drunk for special occasions once in a while, but why would you waste your money & your time doing it every week or every day? What are you running away from that you think escaping into that shit actually does anything other than make everything worse?

And don’t tell me you’re not running away from anything; it’s bullshit. If you are “needing” such a huge “boost” to get away from everyday life, it’s because there’s something in everyday life that you don’t want to be around or face. You didn’t need that shit at 5, at 10, or at 15 (if you needed it at 15 then your family is fucked up); you don’t need it now you’re in University or older, either. You’re running away from something, or several somethings. Guess what, idiot: doing that shit doesn’t make it go away, no matter how often or how much you do it. That stuff you’re running from is still there when you wake up from your binge.

How about actually growing the fuck up & learning what you can handle mentally & emotionally and not putting more than that on your plate. If it’s other people bringing drama onto your plate, then shove them & that drama off your plate. If they’re suicidal or shit like that, then call the psych ward & let it go!! If you aren’t a trained therapist or shrink, then their mental & emotional health is not your fucking job!! Deal with what you can handle, know what you can’t, and stop trying to control other people by insisting on saving their asses!! It shows a lack of respect & a lack of trust that people can take care of themselves, and shows a lack of respect for personal boundaries. If they’re insisting you have to “help” or “save” them, then it shows THEY have a lack of respect for you & your boundaries. There’s only so much you can do for people before it becomes a case of them just leeching off your kindness.

Helping people when they ask for it is all good & well, but not if it damages you so badly that you’re needing to crawl into a bottle or light up a joint or hit some E just to get by. If you DON’T take care of yourself PROPERLY, you’ll have nothing to help anyone else WITH. Chemical recreation & chemical stimulation is NOT healthy & NOT “just for fun”. Watching a movie, going dancing, watching a sunrise off the ocean, traveling the world, playing a board-game, learning new things & new skills, sharing all that with friends & family… THOSE are healthy & “just for fun”. Chemical abuse for recreational purposes more often than for special holidays is just plain dumbass. Repeatedly encouraging others to do it even after told “no” once already is just plain douche.


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