Easter – Jesus is coming… Quick, look busy!

It’s Easter Sunday today. I don’t typically celebrate Easter with the rest of the world, though I like taking advantage of the post-holiday chocolate/candy sales. Is this because I don’t believe in God or Jesus? Far from it; I was raised a Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints or LDS) and though I don’t go to that church, I still believe in a lot of the teachings, and still consider myself a Christian of sorts. I don’t celebrate it with the rest of the world, because I celebrate it a little on April 6th every year, and every day in my heart in my own ways.

In honor of the public holiday, however, what I want to vent about today is a few things about how Christianity celebrates Easter & Christ.

First off, fellow Christians… calm the fuck down. You don’t like when other religions go blatantly shouting in the streets, on Twitter, on Facebook, etc. about their “God(s)” or their faith. Stop waving yours around like a baseball bat you’re about to bludgeon people with. A wise parent once said, “Religion is like a penis – It’s wonderful that you have one, but don’t whip it out just anywhere, and don’t be smacking my kids in the head with it.” Churches are a great time & place for that, sure; a quick message on Twitter saying, “Happy Easter, I believe in Jesus Christ!” is well and good. Flooding Twitter with “Believe in Jesus!”, “Jesus has saved me!”, etc. is like whipping out your cock & flapping it around in the face of everyone you pass on the street. Just stop. Too much of a good thing WILL piss off the “heathens” and get them after your blood.

The next few things are reminders of teachings/commandments that Christ left us when he was with us here on the earth.

1) So many Christians are running around these days, trying to push their religion on anyone not already a member of their particular branch of Christianity, even members of other Christian sects. They keep insisting that the word must be spread and the world must be “saved”. HOWEVER, they have forgotten one fundamental fact that Christ taught – the only person who’s soul you can save is your own. You cannot force or push another into believing something they choose not to; that is Unrighteous Dominion and Jesus fought against that. Remember the Pharisees? Anyone other than yourself, you can only offer them the chance; they must choose to act on it on their own, or not. Which leads me into my next point.

2) Everyone is given the freedom to choose for themselves. It’s right there in the book of Genesis. Think you need to force another to be a Christian by pushing & verbally beating people into giving up & choosing to be Christian, or by burning their books of scripture because it’s not the Bible? That sounds like not giving them the choise. Check the book of Genesis again – Not having a choice was Lucifer’s plan, not Jesus’. You really think that the plan for salvation that Jesus laid out for ALL OF US is going to change because you don’t like that others chose NOT to be Christians? I’d recommend looking up “satanic cult” in Google & see who’s local for you to join, because you’re sure as fuck not Christian. Leave the poor fuckers alone with their choice. And this leads to my third point.

3) Leave judgement to God; He’ll doll out consequences as He sees fit, not on your petty whims. Stop thinking you can take his job from him; you aren’t God. We were told to love everyone equally & unconditionally, so get over yourself & let it go. Now, this does not mean you let them treat you like shit; see my other post about that. What that DOES mean is not treating people with shit, and not trying to convince others to treat them like shit, just because they have a different religion or a different lifestyle than you. This includes homosexuality. LEAVE THEM ALONE!! If you can’t handle having them as your friends or acquaintances, then just politely be honest that you’re not emotionally strong enough to be able to tolerate their choices in your life. NEWS FLASH – We’re human, mortal, and week. God is the one who is strong, Jesus is strong. It’s not our job to be as strong as them, merely to make the effort to try. It’s better for them AND FOR YOUR PERSONAL SALVATION to just admit you’re not strong enough to cope with their choices. To try to force them to change or to judge them as damned, when God already commanded us NOT to do that & to leave judgement to him, is not only the way Lucifer had planned, but we’re actually directed NOT to. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone” John 8:7 Oh, and if you think you are without sin, guess what – that’s a sin called “Pride”. You just lost your right to throw stones.  “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” Matthew 7:1-2 

So this easter, and perhaps all year long, lets try to remember to actually live like Christ did. He didn’t keep pushing his teachings on people that made it clear they weren’t interested. He came for those who wanted to hear, who wanted to learn. The  Pharisees had no desire to hear his words, but did he go and shove it in their faces over & over? NO!! He taught & lived an example, and let them be. He knew, and said, that their judgment would come from His Father at Judgement Day.

Now, fellow Christians, I pose this challenge – let’s honor our Lord Christ this Easter by following in his footsteps; lead by being a living example, teach those who would hear, and love everyone whether they’ll hear His Word or not.


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