Grumpy day thoughts

This is just a collection of thoughts I posted to FB the other day when I was feeling depressed & grumpy. I felt it would be worthwhile to re-post them here.

I’m grumpy & depressed, been grumpy & depressed for months, & I’m tired of being grumpy & depressed. I need something to break out of this but I’m low on ideas. “Thinking positive” only goes so far.

It’s cute how people in general have kept offering me suggestions as if I haven’t already thought of, considered and tried them, then get mad at me for “shooting down” their one or two ideas as if I’m attacking them. Sorry I can’t lie about having already tried your idea & make you feel special or like you “saved” me, but I don’t play that stupidly childish game. If you really wanna help then keep sending ideas, don’t get pissy because they haven’t worked. If I was shooting down your idea, I’d say it was stupid or not worth trying; what I’ve been saying is that I tried them & they haven’t worked, so get over it.

There’s a fine line, yet a big difference between empathizing with people and feeling pity for them. We should empathize, not pity. And sometimes when someone vents, telling them “It’s ok, keep your chin up!” makes it better, but sometimes it makes it worse because what they really need to hear is “Yes! It does suck and I feel the same as you!” and trying to tell them it’s not so bad just comes off as telling them they’re full of crap for feeling the way they feel, no matter what your intention really is.

I’m sick of being broke, sick of being hungry, sick of cheap crap, sick of having to turn down invites to parties/gatherings because I can’t afford them, sick of people feeling pity for me & sick of living off hand-outs >_< Yes, I know it’s not forever. Doesn’t make right now any less depressing/frustrating, but venting helps.

I’m amazed how many people, as good intentioned as they are, say “just get a job” or “just get a different job” as if it was as simple as getting a different box of cereal off the shelf at the grocery store… >_<


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