Christians and Atheists are both assholes.

I’ve seen some videos that got me riled up in ways the video maker never intended, but so far this one takes the cake. I mean it really got me pissed off royally at both Christians and Atheists. It’s just insane the amount of utter bullshit this video shows about both sides. Take a look:

Now, there’s a few things I want to point out that this video inspired. First, you damn so-called Christians: You’re getting it wrong. Period. Just wrong. You really are all too often like lambs flocking willingly to the slaughter house, and a lot of what this video said about it is fucking true. I can’t word it much better, even without the discrepancies in the argument the video poster gave. Too many Christians, in general, are judgmental, hypocritical sheep who blind themselves from their own “sins” through denial that their actions are actually  breaking the attitudes and “commandments” that they tout and force down the throats of everyone around them whenever breaking said commandments suits them, or through justification that the “sins” they continuously commit are in fact “doing God’s work” or “not that bad” because it is inconvenient or uncomfortable to follow them at the time. What utter self-righteous, sanctimonious, sin-filled bullshit. The truth is that it’s greed, not righteousness. It’s greed for power over others, greed for wealth, and greed for filling themselves with more of their own false sense of superiority. They want to be right, they want to be better than everyone else, and they want it to be divine right that puts them in charge of everyone else. Anyone who actually studies or reads the actual scriptures seriously and without desire for gain as the books tell them, will realize that 99.9999998% of the Christians in the world are just brainless, lazy, selfish, stuck up assholes content to follow anyone who tells them what they want to hear rather than the truth.

Atheists… ~sigh~ Are no better. This video shows this clearly. The guy is an idiot; when that scripture was written over 1500 years ago, sheep were not all automatically taken to the killing floor. The killing floor he’s talking about hasn’t even existed for more than 200 years. Back then, sheep were bread for milk and for wool, as well, and yes, the shepherds did love and care for their flock. He’s trying to use a modern attitude and limited modern knowledge to force a specific meaning onto a simile that was written over 1500 years ago. Riiiight. That makes a ton of sense, asshat. Way to show you’re right by NOT using your brain or doing research. You’ll fit right in with those Christian sheep you’re bullying.  You can shut the fuck up now, your stupid is showing. Atheists I’ve met so far have very similar, narrow, self-righteous mindsets to that. They keep thinking that their insistence on “free thinking” is better, but they’re just as arrogantly delusional about their own false superiority. Like the ones who, with a crowd to watch them, go out into a field and shout at the sky, “I don’t believe in you, God! If you’re there, prove it by striking me with lightning right now!” then, when nothing happens, they insist it’s proof that there’s no God. No, that’s just proof that God doesn’t take orders from you, you insignificant mote. You arn’t God; what makes you think you have the right to demand anything of Him? And I’ve heard arguments of “Well, if he were real, he couldn’t do this” or “If he were real, then things would be this way only but because they’re like that then he must not be real” which, again, just shows your limited, teeny, insignificant intellect. You’re trying to expect God to be limited in capacity, mentally and physically, to equal to yourself. How fucking asshat arrogant is that? You’re trying to comprehend the mindset, attitude, and thoughts of a being that is as far above us in capabilities as we are above lemmings. Seriously. Give it up already. You arn’t God, stop assuming you can figure out what’s in his mind. If you were meant to know, he’ll tell you. It’s no different than a kid in high school getting a job flipping burgers then thinking they can go all the way to the CEO of the entire chain and tell him how to do his job. Only God is nicer in that he doesn’t can your arrogant, dipshit ass.

Christians claim they’re better than Atheists, Atheists claim they’re better than Christians, and just the act of doing so proves that both are wrong. Just plain wrong. They’re both two sides of the same coin that should be melted down and forgotten.

Atheists need to get off their damn high horse. Stop acting like they’re right simply because they piss off a Christian by pointing out the hypocracy & holes in their logic. Your logic is just as flawed and just as arrogant as any other religion. And yes, as far as I’m concerned, Atheism is a religion. You heard me. They don’t just not believe in God; they believe there is no God. Belief. That takes faith. Which is a major part of any religion. They have faith in their own superiority. It’s a religion of individual God complexes. The main belief, if I understand correctly, is that there is no God, no afterlife, no spirits, and Mankind is the most evolved being in the universe simply because they believe a lack of proof is proof of the opposite. How arrogant. And stupid. So how do you explain life? And death? They can explain the science behind the energy and impulses, but as to what makes a person alive, that they cannot explain. So if what makes a person living can’t be explained, does that mean it doesn’t exist? And that they don’t exist? Which means we can ignore the arrogant fuckers.

Christians need to get off their fucking high horse, too. Stop being so judgmental; have a good look at yourself and judge there with the commandments and laws you claim to hold so dear before you start throwing your stones at anyone; that includes gays, Hindu’s, Muslims, Atheists, prostitutes, Dr.s and patients of abortions, drug addicts, Wicca, etc. You aren’t God’s chosen; everyone is. Period. We are all Sons and Daughters in the Kingdom of God. That means we need to demand a certain amount of respect be shown to us. That also means we are commanded by God to show those around us that same respect! By insisting that the sins of others are so heinous that you need to be the one to punish them in Gods name is taking the Lord thy God’s name in vain!! You’re making a judgment, which He wrote in your Bible is His job, not yours; are you seriously going to disrespect God by being so arrogant that you can do his job for him? I’ve heard some say that “..God is probably busy, so I’ll do it for him.” Oh, so now you’re an Atheist? They think God is as mentally puny as Man, too. Are you saying that you don’t believe God can handle his own job? Riiight. You got lots of faith in your God, there, butch. It shows. Go stand in that line there with the other hypocrites and posers.

And guess what: even without religion, we’d still have war. Religious war was just a mask for the fight for power & gain, and getting rid of Christianity or even all religions will not make that go away. Christians need to stop trying to force the world into their own little twisted cookie-cutter mold of what’s right, especially when they can’t even follow it themselves for a whole day, and Atheists need to stop antagonizing Christians & flaunting their arrogance which they think is superiority when it’s not.


13 thoughts on “Christians and Atheists are both assholes.

  1. Asshatry isn’t limited by religion. There are horrible people from all religions – and amazing people from all religions. Attitude is personal, human attribute – and humankind will always find excuses for war, even if religion didn’t exist. You are certainly right about that.

    • Very true; there is just as much asshattery as there is truth in every religion and belief system in the world. Please don’t confuse my post as saying there isn’t any in the others out there; Christianity is currently the most prominent and most blatant in North America, though, and the one I see the most, day to day. It also has the highest concentration of hypocrites I’ve ever heard of in a religion so far. I’ve been meeting more Atheists as well, and seeing little to no difference in their attitudes. I didn’t single them & Atheists out for this rant because I think they’re the only bad ones; they were just the two that have happened to be on my mind, especially after watching that video, and the two I know the most about.

      I admit that write my blogs to be blunt slaps in the face and also generalized as often as I can, and it’s for a reason; because kind diplomacy is so often proven to not work, and by generalizing I hope people who claim to be a member of one or the other can look at themselves and truly ask, “does this really describe me, too? Can I be better than my own assumptions of myself? Am I really living up to what I claim to?” People, regardless of religion, need to start looking at themselves and their own actions instead of just pointing fingers at others. I see Atheists & Christians constantly arguing or ridiculing back & forth, both bringing down the others beliefs and neither bothering to look at themselves, like errant children. So much for enlightened and/or righteous people. Atheists and Christians both can learn a lot from each other, and both are, more often than not, too arrogant & selfish to even look.

      • Mine is my own, made up of pieces truth I find in every part of the world. If you really wanted to label it, you could loosely define it as “Christian,” but I prefer to not be labeled as such as too many so-called Christians give that label a bad name.

  2. Even though I don’t agree with some of your views, I definitely agree that whether you believe in something or not, you’re no better than anyone else. It is completely arrogant to think yourself as superior over someone else, whether you’re Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, Jew, whatever you believe in.

  3. You sir have clearly wrote the truth. I am glad that you have taken a stand from all this bull between atheist and christians. I hate how they keep bitched and none are willing to accept they both are faulty. Narrow minded pricks.

  4. It is more than relieving to see that I am not the only one to realize this. I have been scouring all of these religious and anti-religious rants on youtube and after pointing this very thing out to many people and emphasizing the fact that tact is a dying art amongst both groups I notice that many of my comments are taken down by authors.

    This video in particular argues for atheists that the pre-bigbang point of existance was not bound by our laws of cause and effect and therefore is not needing anything to have created it in order for it to have existed. This same arguement is used by christians for god and is shot down as rediculous yet this (mostly athiest) community is eating it up as it makes them feel like they won. Until both sides stop ignoring arguements simply because of the party that put the arguement on the table we will never get out of this sissy-slap fight that has honestly divided our culture.

  5. This is one of the first places I have found with other people who openly agree with this and it gives me hope. I just wish there was a way to get this understanding to be more widespread. The only way that this would ever be solved is by pointing this out across both communities. Trying to get someone to believe that they are going about something the wrong way (Especially the many in both of these groups who are so steadfast and set in their ways) is one of the hardest things to do however and would take much time and effort. My ambitions may be high but hey I am optimistic haha.

  6. While I agree that there is altogether too much asshattery going on between Christians and atheists, I feel the need to point out that there are people in both groups that are nce and fun to talk to. You are referrng to the more fundamentalist Christians and anti-theists in ths post, but I have respectful and intelligent theist and atheist friends.
    (Sorry for the spelling. The i’s on my keyboard are fucked up.)

    • Honestly, there’s 32,000 different denominations of Christianity in the world, and all of them have both intelligent members and idiot members. It’s not just fundamentallists, just as it’s not all atheists. Atheists and anti-theists are not at all the same; I respect a good Atheist, and hate when an anti-theist claims to be Atheist. The intelligent, respectful members of both sides of the argument don’t make unwarranted attacks on the other group; those good people are not at all the subject of this rant 🙂 I meant to only specifically target the asshats who attack each other unprovoked and thereby totally fail at being what they claim.

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