Suicide is not the answer to cyber-bullying, cyber-bulling is not the answer to anything.

An interesting article about Amanda Todd, still getting cyber-bullied even after her death. I just want to say something briefly. I have great sympathy and respect for the family and friends left behind by someone who has committed suicide. I don’t condone bullying at all, or blackmail. I have great sympathy for the suffering that was gone through that lead a person to suicide.

That said, I have zero respect for the act of suicide at all. It is the act of a selfish coward, and I firmly believe that it is never a justifiable option. Ever. For any reason. No matter how bad the bullying or the pain, there are _always_ other options. Sometimes it takes changing yourself and your perspective on things, sometimes it takes being vocal and pushing for the situation itself to be changed.

Suicide was not the answer. I understand the anger from people who knew her and are angry she hurt them by selfishly ending her own life. That said, I also don’t condone the actions of anyone simply trolling or defaming her memory now that what’s done is done. Suicide is hurtful, selfish, and stupid; trolling anyone’s memorial, online or otherwise, is just plain douche-canoe and deserves even less respect than the act of suicide.

This article and the death of Amanda Todd make clear the necessity for the situation to be changed in so many ways; not just in how we deal with kids bullying, but in how we teach people do deal with and cope with bullying of any kind, including cyber bullying. This shows that social media needs to crack down on cyber bullying of children and speed up any reporting and investigation process into cyber bullying. Amanda Todd might not have chosen to even make a first attempt at taking her life, let alone the second or the third, if she had been given the help she needed to cope with it and stop it from continuing. We need to be more willing to take kids, and anyone at all, more seriously when they either talk abut attempting suicide or make an attempt to kill themselves. People today are still foolish enough to think that they should not be getting help emotionally, and the stupid taboo about getting help from a psychologist or psychiatrist is just compounding the problem.

What we don’t have enough of in the world are well-trained therapists, psychologists, and counselors. We need more people willing to give their time to help people like Amanda Todd seriously, through just basic therapy or even advocating with or for them to stop bullying of any kind. With the speed at which society is advancing in so many ways, we more and more need those professions; we need that help to stop and catch our breath more often, or we become swept away and lost in the torrent of everything around us. This is a big reason why I want my Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology – to be able to teach more people how to be good, or better, psychologists, therapists, and counselors. There is such a huge demand these days, and nowhere enough people that are trained and able to fill that demand.

We are so stupidly superficial and judgmental these days, and we teach our children to be the same. Then at the same time, we don’t teach children properly to respect others. And now you see what it has lead to. Yes, you are unique and precious and special… just like everyone else. Just as you deserve to be respected, so does everyone else around you. Give respect to everyone, and remember that though individual actions are sometimes stupid or foolish, they are not the end-all and be-all of a person, especially kids. Kids will make mistakes and not always think things through, because they’re still learning to do that. Forgive them for that, and kids, forgive each other and yourselves for making foolish mistakes; you’ve got a lot more ahead of you. Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.


7 thoughts on “Suicide is not the answer to cyber-bullying, cyber-bulling is not the answer to anything.

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