Dreams and Paradigm Shifts

I had an odd dream this morning. The details are very fuzzy; I remember I was speaking with someone in a very bright and fairly featureless room, but I couldn’t make out the features of the man due to the glare… yet there was no pain in my eyes from it being too bright, the light was soft and gentle. There was a definite sense of familiarity, and a feeling that he was a bit older than me; like a big brother or a mentor who was also a dear friend. We seemed to be talking about things I’d been talking to my mom about recently, about the nature of God and magic and energy and quantum physics and creation and Jesus Christ and love and how it all fit together seamlessly after all.

We seemed to also delve a bit into some thoughts I’d been having about how some famous quotes and concepts that are in various mediums throughout pop culture, such as Star Wars, seem to fit and resonate with this same truth. Almost as if God (for lack of a better name) wanted these concepts of hope and personal strength and unity to be with us so much that he placed them everywhere, like little seeds of truth, ready for us to find and cultivate within ourselves. It wasn’t as much a discussion in my dream but more like he was proud of me for solving another piece of the puzzle. I felt he acknowledged I still have a long way to go, but I was actually putting the pieces together better than they were hoping.

As we talked, though strangely there were no words physically spoken, I felt another “puzzle piece” fall into place and as it did, he seemed to smile warmly and nod. It was a thought  an idea, a concept, a way of looking at things:

Fear is not of the heart. Fear is of the mind, it forms from thoughts; those thoughts lead to fear and doubt that can take many forms and be of many things, including fear or doubt of trusting others, of our own ability, of actually succeeding, or of being actually happy. The heart is love in all it’s many forms and splendors.

We were given a heart and mind for good reason, and must learn to make them work and dance together in unison. The mind is easier for us to hear sometimes, simply because it’s so close to our ears and our heart is in our chests; yes, believe it or not, even the biology actually plays a part in it; that’s why our fears sometimes seem bigger than our goals. Never follow your mind; it can distract and lead you astray with doubts and fears and excuses. 

Follow your heart, and let your mind plot the safest route to get there.

If your mind says, “It’s too dangerous” or “it’s too hard” then just tell it, “That’s not your call and not your job; your job is to find the way to make it happen.” If you cannot find a path to the goal your heart knows is right for you, then ask others for help. Sometimes all we need is an alternate view or different vantage point of the ways there; others might see paths to our goals we don’t easily see for ourselves.

I awoke just as this concept was forming in my mind, and it’s been at the forefront of my thoughts all morning. It seems so…. truthfully simple. I’m not sure, but I think I had a paradigm shift. While we’re on the subject of paradigm-shifting dreams, I also had another thought the other day as well just as I was drifting into sleep:

The difference between feelings and thoughts is that feelings can be expressed with single words: afraid, anxious, happy, giddy. Thoughts, on the other hand, are sentences – EG: “I’m not good enough,” or “I deserve better.” Thoughts can inspire/cultivate feelings – the thought “I’m not good enough” inspires the  feelings “depressed, anxious, sad.” What we feel has more to do with what we think than the other way around.

By changing what thought we focus on, we can essentially guide how we feel. Some thoughts are conditioned into us over years, though, and it’s not so easy to just stop thinking them; they’ve become habits. Some say that breaking & replacing a habit can take an average of 90 days, and anyone with any kind of OCD or Autistic behaviors can take as much as 3 times longer than average to replace a habit. But this does not mean it’s impossible.

Words are important, especially the words we focus on in our thoughts. Where we get them from can also be important; negative thoughts can create negative emotions which can inspire more negative and self-destructive thoughts if left unchecked. Negative people will say words that become negative thoughts if we let them say them to us often enough. Whether we let our thoughts become habits is up to us, though – we can choose to practice better habits and better thoughts.

We are, every last one of us, special and amazing people – no exceptions. We all have the potential to change the world for the better; all we have to do is accept that God loves us for who we are, no matter what mistakes we’ve made, and He would never have given us life if we weren’t stronger and more capable of learning and growing than we might think. 

Suffice to say that I’ve been pondering these concepts a lot over these last few days. I’m not sure where they came from exactly, but I can’t deny how I feel about them – hopeful, positive, optimistic. They seem to ring with truth for me.

I’m curious to hear other people’s perspectives and thoughts on the concepts  (within reason, of course; if you’re of a differing religion or Atheist, please ignore the Christian overtones and focus on the core concepts in your replies. Anti-theist or Christian-bashing will be deleted and ignored.). Please leave comments ^_^


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