Quantity vs. Quality – some sex jokes just aren’t so funny anymore

Most men disgust me sometimes. More often than is right. I see it all too often on social media – so many men are obsessed with quantity of sex, so much so that almost any joke out of their mouths is a stupid juvenile crack like “I’d fuck it.” Not enough men brag about how skilled they are in bed in ways that really matter, like how many times he made her orgasm in a night or how he had her wanting him so badly she practically was ripping his clothes off; at least, not enough brag about it legitimately. ESPECIALLY not married couples.


People these days, especially in my age group and younger, all too often forget about even considering to try being skilled at pleasuring a partner or about having the kind of good sex that only comes from making an effort to learn over time the in’s and out’s of a single partner and her body. The younger they are, the more they only seem to talk about how much sex they have or who they find fuckable, as if having sex was just about the fact it’s done and men are trying to collect a high score for quantity of lays. And most of society has learned to just chuckle and brush it off as nothing, further enabling and supporting a misogynistic mindset they turn around and bash as wrong and immoral.

Why? It’s such a goddamn waste.

An occasional joke in moderation is one thing. But when it’s told too often, we become it and it’s no longer a joke. “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words change who we are.” What we say changes us just as much as what we hear; that’s why positive affirmations have been proven time and time again to be a valid tool in therapy and self-help. It’s really not funny anymore hearing a guy blurt out “I’d hit it” or “I’d tap that” or anything similar in message.

Men, get over yourselves. You are not simply walking dicks who’s sole purpose in life is to fuck everything you come across. Quality will always be far better than quantity. Making 10,000 turds doesn’t make you better than a man who has only one satisfying dump; it makes you wallowing in shit. Ladies, if he’s a boy wallowing in his own verbal shit, doesn’t matter what other qualities you think he has; you deserve better than a shit-covered misogynistic asshole, so walk away. Either he’ll get the picture and clean himself up, or you’ll find a real man instead.

UPDATE: This blog entry was inspired by a bit of a conversation that took place on a G+ post an acquaintance of mine posted:

quantity or quality blog entry image 001

This image brought some very nice replies, differing but respectful opinions on style. One guy, however, made a comment that got my gears grinding. I’ve marked his with purple, but respectfully blocking his name and picture for this thread. The last comment I made is one I felt worth adding to this post in particular, so I’ve marked it with a red highlight box.

quantity or quality blog entry image 002quantity or quality blog entry image 003-B


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