Those who say it cannot be done…

Today I got into a bit of a disagreement with someone online about Solar Roadways, when a buddy of mine shared a video claiming they are “busted” and fictional. For those who have never heard of them, here’s the info video:

Personally, I think they are an amazing idea and the tech is sound. Since that video was first made, they raised almost $3,000,000 for the second prototype experiment phase of creating a solar roadways parking lot; that’s 3x more than they were asking for.

But this post isn’t actually about Solar Roadways.

It’s about naysayers and trolls. The video claiming to “debunk” the technology claims that they’re fiction, but gives only assumptions and uses obsolete tech information to claim they can’t work. Except technology is not static; it is evolving faster and faster, way faster than even society’s ability to morally and ethically keep up with. So if tech is improving at such a high rate, how does claiming old tech can’t do it have any bearing on the new tech they’re using, which can do it?

And more importantly, why waste our time like that? Are you trying to convince the world to scrap it? Why would you even want to? Are you being bought out by oil companies to make false claims that it’s bogus?

“Those who say it cannot be done better get out of the way of those doing it.” Just because something hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it never can. If you say it’s a great idea ans you wish it could really happen, then prove it; do something to make it happen. Either get onboard and help find ways to make it work, or just shut up, because it’s getting done with or without you. Trying to argue why something will fail doesn’t help it succeed; if you say it’s great then turn around and point out all the reasons it will “never” work, you’re a liar and a troll. You lied when you said it’s a great idea that you wish could be real, and you’re a troll by just trying to tear it down. Either way, keep it up and you simply won’t exist to me anymore.

~clicks block button~


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