Welcome to Ramblings of an Opinionated “Gentleman”.

You’ll note the word “Gentleman” is in quotations; this is for a reason.

Be warned, I discuss adult topics & use strong & course language.

Parental Advisory

In everyday real life, I try to be a gentleman & respectful of everyone I meet. It’s not always easy; I think in part because I have Asperger’s Syndrome (so social interactions can often be hard for me to understand & my emotions tend to get out-of-proportion), and partly because… Well, lets be honest; in general, people are selfish, idiotic assholes, myself included.

This site is meant to be, in a way, my personal therapy; I post my thoughts & feelings on various subjects here so that:

  1. I don’t needlessly go ripping into people in person over things better left alone in real life (as those things will solve themselves) but I’m unable to contain inside completely; in that respect, it’s like writing in a diary or going to a counselor. This is why I don’t include names; if I wanted to bitch at a person directly, I do. I write here to release anger in a more healthy way & leave people to fix things in their own way & their own time. Get over it.
  2. I can have reminders & records of thoughts & feelings I’ve had, good or bad, accurate or unjustified, because life is a learning process & if I do find I’m wrong I have a good way to see where I went wrong & not make that same mistake. My thoughts and opinions change constantly, and just because I vent here does not mean that these thoughts are set in stone or unchanging.
  3. Those open minded and intelligent enough to handle my personal thoughts, negative OR positive, & that are able to find inspiration to actually use their brains & THINK over some of the topics I write on, may do so. It’s for people who have brains and can separate a person’s feelings of the moment from actual day-to-day dealings. If you disagree with a concept or viewpoint I have, AWESOME; feel free to comment a differing opinion in an intelligent fashion. If I say something or do something that pisses you off, then if you want me to do something to fix it, tell me honestly & maturely; if you just wanna blow off steam, feel free to get your own blog & do so, they’re free. Just telling me I’m a prick (especially in comments in my blog or through random & anonymous online messages) is neither disagreeing nor an intelligent fashion of anything, it just shows you have as much brains as a rabid hedgehog after it’s had a labotamy.

I’m of the firm opinion that Asperger’s Syndrome & Autism is, at it’s core, an “Emotional Sensitivity” in the brain( I’ll be blogging about that more, be assured). That means that any emotions I feel that are “inspired” by events or circumstances (a.k.a. stimuli) are 2 to 10 times more intense than they should be, and hard for my mind to interpret clearly; this blog is a big part of how I vent those intense emotions more constructively rather than blowing up in people’s faces when I’m over-reacting (yes, I will often over-react in this blog; that’s part of the point of it. Get over it).

Does that mean a particular post is how I feel all the time? Not at all. It’s written in the heat of the moment and is my letting off steam. I’ll also tell you that some thoughts I have are similar to ones many, many people have had about others in their lives from time to time & not said it; just because I actually write it out where others can read it isn’t an invitation to start calling me a prick for voicing thoughts almost all guys & probably a lot of women have had. I’m not gonna pull punches, and I’m not gonna sugar-coat shit just because you don’t like reading the deeper thoughts people have about each other that you don’t wanna read. If you can’t accept that, tough shit; just don’t read it.

I also write here because I hope people who WANT to understand me better can get a glimps into how torrential (and exaggerated) my emotions can be, and in hopes of posing thoughts or opinions that can inspire intelectual debate & promote people actually thinking. A lot of my anger is overblown, I admit that; that’s why I let it out here, because I know my feelings are being blown out of proportion and mis-interpreted. I don’t post adendums or updates because there’s no need to when I’m putting them to work in real life. I don’t post expecting everyone to agree with me, and I expect the few that bother reading this blog to assume my thoughts & feelings are GONG to be exaggerated here. If you can’t comment here without just emotionally bashing me across the head because you don’t like that I got ridiculously mad over something insicnificant, tough shit. Just don’t read it.

Seriously, if you can’t stomach it, then just don’t read it. If I felt that things wouldn’t change for the better on their own, I wouldn’t be ranting about them here, I’d be out trying to change them; I’m ranting here as a form of therapy, and if you have a problem with what I post, then the only one with a problem is you. Trolling by replying I’m scum or evil or any other attempt to tear me down because you disagree with a post just shows your lack of maturity & lack of basic ability to reason or respect a person’s growth. Congratulations; you can bitch and troll like a 12-year-old that has no morals. Your parents must be proud.You can think I’m wrong; that’s no reason to stop thinking. You can disagree, and I’m open for debate; tearing me down or insulting me is not debate and will be deleted.

If any of my posts inspire you to think & question concepts & ideas about life, relationships, people, and the ways you’re currently viewing them, even if the answers you find are the same as when you started, then all the better; what matters to me (besides the letting off of steam, of course) is that you’ve been inspired to think, and maybe to grow as a person yourself, just as I am continuing to learn and grow.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I came upon you very accidentally. You inspire me. I loved your blog on “Love is simple……” I so agree with you. thanks for writing!

  2. From what I’ve seen (on the Christian vs Atheists stuff), even though I don’t agree with some of what you said, it is still refreshing to see someone who can actually point out flaws of both sides instead of being completely biased.

    I am a Christian, but even then I try not to close my mind from other’s thoughts and pointing out the flaws of what I believe in, and to say that I’m better than anyone else would be idiotically arrogant on my part.

    Thank you for posting these articles, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind whether people agree with you or not.

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