Thoughts and grumbles over morning Chai – 001

You know, there’s 2 things bugging me this morning about society. Don’t ask me why they popped in my head today as I enjoy my morning chai, they just did. 

1) People who, instead of giving their personal opinion, try to make their opinion a universal truth everyone else is supposed t believe (eg. “she’s ugly,” “he’s boring” instead of “I don’t find her attractive,” or “his interests don’t appeal to me”)

2) People who freak out when *I* try giving my personal opinion and are assuming I’m making a judgment call or being prejudice. (eg. “I am not as attracted to darker skinned women” gets met with “Racist!” or “I don’t find most body piercings appealing” gets met with “you’re repressing my right to express myself!”)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everything has at least some kind of beauty. There’s as many different kinds of beauty as there are stars in the sky or people who have lived and died throughout all of human history. 

So to tell someone they’re ugly just because you think they are not the kind of beauty you find appealing is total bullshit, and to tell me that I’m not allowed to have my own tastes that differ from yours is equally bullshit. You’re welcome to find someone covered head to toe in piercings and tattoos to be incredibly beautiful and artistic. And I’m welcome to find it a little disturbing, even if artistic. I’m not telling people not to do it just because I say I don’t find it appealing. Do whatever you want, your idea of beautiful is no less valid than mine – but remember, your idea of beauty is YOURS. It does not have to be mine, and you don’t have the right to make false accusations about my integrity just because you and I disagree due to having totally different artistic tastes.

That said, just because you might find someone excessively obese or dangerously anorexic to be beautiful does not mean it’s right to tell them it’s healthy and right; beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes, but health is health, and promoting both mental and physical illness is just plain harmful and dangerous. Beauty should be encouraged to be preserved, and encouraging obesity or anorexia is the opposite of that. It’s totally okay to be a little curvy/plump or a little thin, but obesity and anorexia are not “curvy” and “thin.” They are taking those too far into extremes and have become health issues. When I use the word “fat,” I don’t talk about a person’s appearance; I am talking about a part of the human body, and everyone needs a certain minimum level of body fat to maintain basic health, the trick is not letting that ratio go out of balance, either too much or too little, and though the threshold of what is too much or too little is different for each person, there’s still a universal range everyone should stick to.