Christianity vs. Atheism: Atheists, lose 150 Experience Points.

I’ve always had a huge beef with the whole Atheism vs. Christianity soap-opera bullshit. Both sides piss me off over and over, and often give me new reasons to hate both factions. It’s like Horde vs. Alliance in WoW; both sides give me a damn headache and act like idiots, while touting that they are smarter, more open-minded, and/or better than the other. And frankly, I have just as many gripes and rants about both sides equally.

So this morning I was wandering my various social media news feeds, and I came across this little jem:

Seems pretty logica... Wait... What? O.e

Ok, I loved it right up to the idiocy of this part here: 

WTF is this!?

Even Elrond is not amused by moronic Atheists. You should see how pissed he gets at Cultist Zombie Christians, though...

Excuse me? What the hell is this bullshit? You call this crap “Free-Thinking” or “Open-Minded?” This is anything but! From this point on, the whole flow chart goes to shit, but I’m going to focus just on these two points for this blog in particular. Note that I reserve the right to rant in future entries about further idiocy in this flow-chart.

Now, let’s break down my issues with each one of these two “examples,” one at a time, in the order that they appear.

Example 1: Um, no, just because it has more evidence does not make it true at all, it just makes it more likely at the moment to be true, and expecting me to assume it’s true is just stupid and foolish. That one line is the most closed-minded piece of BS I’ve ever heard.

That’s not a “basic principle of reasoning,” at all, that’s a “my rules, I gotta be right” escape clause for narrow-minded fools attempting to assert faked intellectual dominance over others because they are no more able to accept the possibility that they are wrong than the buffoons they are attempting to argue with. As the friend that originally posted the image into my news feeds said after I mentioned I had a problem with that particular line had said, “Just because something has more supporting evidence doesn’t mean that the evidence is all that much ‘quality’.

This line of reasoning from the flow-chart doesn’t prove that anyone is right, it only makes the person demanding that concession look stupid and childish. “My argument seems more logical and seems to have more evidence currently, so you gotta say it’s right whether or not it’s actually right, or you’re just being closed minded, because I said so and I’m smrt!” This doesn’t make Atheists credible at all. It just makes him an arrogant, closed-minded asshole. Just because one argument has more support, does not automatically make it “truth” or “fact,” it simply means that it is most likely true based on current evidence, and evidence can change as our understanding of the universe grows and expands. Only an idiot can assume that there is no more evidence to find. If our legal system worked on such principles, consider how many innocent people would be unjustly imprisoned, or how many people would die from diseases because we stopped looking for the truth.

Admitting that one line of thinking is the most likely is intelligence; then assuming all others are completely false and no longer being open to the possibility of new evidence, as that quote suggests, is just plain stupid, and the opposite of what “free-thinkers” or “scientists” claim to promote. It’s no less closed-minded than any Christian who refuses to listen to an Atheist’s “evidence.” (Which, mind you, much of that evidence is open to interpretation and isn’t even “fact” but “opinion.”) Just because much of the scientific community blindly accepts certain theories as “fact” (the origin of the universe, the details of the process of evolution, the age of the Earth, etc.) despite having 100% perfect knowledge or proof of it’s validity, does not make them actual fact and does not mean that any form of Creationism theory/hypothesis about the nature of the origin of life on Earth is automatically false, Christian or otherwise. it simply makes them different.

Example 2: This makes no sense whatsoever in a debate between Christians and Atheists, especially since I see more examples of Atheists trying to disprove Christians than I see Christians actively trying to disprove Atheists, yet the Atheists keep demanding that the Christians be the ones bearing the burden of proof. In those circumstances, it’s not actually the Christian’s responsibility, but in fact it’s the Atheist who is asserting their position that God does not exist, that there is no heaven or hell, or any other specific arguments that I’ve heard Atheists try to push on others. In which case, the obligation is on THEM, not on the Christians. And to be honest, they’ve never once been able to give any conclusive or convincing evidence of their case. I’m not saying that Christians have been able to prove themselves right; only that Atheists haven’t, and they need to get off their damn high horses about the whole thing. If anything, Christians have been able to continually give evidence that throws doubt in the Atheist argument, which may not be proof that they are right, but doubt is doubt. Which means the Atheist beliefs are not facts at all – they’re just beliefs. Get over it already.

Hey, Atheists: you want to prove yourselves so superior to the common Christian limited mentality? Then bloody well agree to disagree, drop the arrogant desire to verbally bully people of other beliefs into submission, and continue scientifically exploring the universe with Critical Thinking. Do some good in this world, then brag that it wasn’t God that told you to do good, but your own choice. Prove through your actions that you really are better by spending more time helping to fix the problems in the world without God instead of trying to waste your time and the time of Christians with stupid little asshat flow-charts like this POS.