Cybersex – The Digital “Expressway To Your Heart”?


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What is cyber-sex? Also known as “cyber”, “cybering”, Erotic Role Play (ERP), “erping”, and several other words or phrases. Is it sex? Is it just a form of multi-person erotica writing? Is it “a relationship”? Is it “cheating”? Can it be part of a long-distance romance? Can it START a long-distance romance? There’s been lots of documentaries on online romances started in or ended by meeting people in online games or communities; none have ever quite hit on precisely my experiences with it.

So now you’re gonna get my take on the whole mess 😛 Continue reading


Late-Night Terrors of an Empty Bed

I can’t sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well for months. I try to go to bed, but my mind has a thought that I have to act on right now, even if all it is is typing myself a note for the morning.

Those notes have been getting longer and longer every night.

I try laying down, but my mind screams at me to get up and do something… to be constructive, to be useful; my bed is empty, there’s no one to wrap my arms around and keep warm or protect, so I’m not being useful. I try wrapping my arms around the long body-pillow I have… and my mind screams at me more, saying “THIS ISN’T A REAL WOMAN! YOU AREN’T HOLDING SOMETHING REAL! THIS ISN’T REAL! GET UP! GET UP AND DO SOMETHING REAL!” So I spend hours Continue reading

Arrogant Ignorance Pt. 1

You know one thing I hate? Arrogant Ignorance.

Ignorance is one thing. Ignorance can be corrected; it’s thinking you know something when you don’t. Sure, they can be pretty confident about what they think they know, but usually when you can prove they really don’t know, they accept it and move on. Arrogant Ignorance is when they have no clue what they’re talking about, and refuse to accept truth or fact no matter what. They’re right and nothing can prove them wrong, even proof.

Take one of my friends Continue reading

Sex = Air

This might explain why my groin keeps feeling like it's trying to run away from me >_<It’s true. Sex is a lot like air; you don’t realize how desperately you need it until you aren’t getting any.

Maybe it’s worse for guys than for girls. All I know is that when I’m in a relationship and getting sex & cuddles regularly, I don’t “crave” it the same way or feel a need to talk about it as much. I’ve known very few women that scream or fuss nearly as badly as men when going through periods of sexual drought.

Other guys I’ve talked to seem to have a similar issue to me. How do they cope with it? They get a woman to sleep with them. So how do they do it? Continue reading

Idiots, Selfish Assholes, and Me

Originally Posted Sunday, October 17, 2010

I came to a realization these last couple days.

Over the years, I’ve been hurt, abused and mistreated by a lot of people I thought I could trust. I put trust in people that I shouldn’t have and I paid for that mistake time and time again. Relationships, friendships, family… same thing. I treated people as if they were already living the potential I could see within them. In return, people have used me emotionally, physically and financially or proven they’re idiots and can’t be bothered to be any better. Even people claiming to only want to be there for me and work at a serious relationship have proven they’re either lier’s or have no clue what they’re talking about, and I end up being the bad guy and/or emotionally broken & scarred. So, for now, to protect my heart and my mind, I’m forced to cope with this by viewing things in a new way.

There are 3 types of people in the world: IdiotsSelfish Assholes, and people that use their brains. So far, there are an incredibly small number of people I’ve met that falls into the “people that use their brains” category, but lots of people that fall into one or both of the other two. Frankly, I need to just assume people will fall into one or the other of the first two types until I see for myself they’re better than that.

I’m not holding my breath.